Our family really enjoys sharing the gospel with folks. One way that we have involved our children in evangelizing the lost is by having them give out these gospel tracts. Many times it opens the door to a conversation about spiritual things. I highly recommend these from Ray Comfort’s ministry.

Top Favorite

These “Curved Illusion” cards are great to break the ice

Million dollar billThese Million Dollar Bills are a great hit with everyone

Comic Are You A Good Person?This is a great tract to give to children or have the children give to adults.

Top FavoriteThis is a more thorough gospel presentation than the other. I give these to folks I have a good conversation with.

Top FavoriteThese are pretty good ones as well. Sometimes we’ll stick these near the lotto ticket machines.

A Gift For YouThese are a real blessing to give away. We usually place a real $2 bill inside each one. Boy are people surprised!