Which Gospel

“Proclaiming the Gospel” Ministry with Mike Gendron

My personal friend Mike Gendron was a Roman Catholic for 37 years who really fell hook, line and sinker for the false gospel of penance, mass, sacraments, etc. Praise the Lord that He opened Mike’s eyes to the fact that he was worshiping another jesus, a jesus who is not able to save completely from sins and who’s death on the cross is not sufficient for the forgiveness of all sins.

After being redeemed by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone, Mike went to seminary and started up an evangelistic ministry called Proclaiming the Gospel (see www.pro-gospel.org) to Roman Catholics. He now travels the world preaching the true Jesus of the Bible who frees us from the bondage of legalistic rituals, vain prayers, idolatry, etc. simply by repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Interestingly, the last few years it seems his ministry is broadening to include warning the church not only of the false religion of Roman Catholicism, but other false teachings and false prophets in the visible church such as the emergent church movement, easy-believism, etc. Below is a link to one of his DVD’s called “Which Gospel?”. Each of his DVDs come with two stirring messages and I highly recommend them. I have every single one of his materials and they are excellent!

The second message on the DVD is titled “Catholics & Evangelicals: How Different Are We?”. Both messages are available on one DVD for purchase HERE. You may also freely watch previews of many of his DVDs HERE.