Gospel Tracts to Evangelize Roman Catholics and Edify Christians

By Mike Gendron / Proclaiming the Gospel Ministries

Mike has written some excellent gospel tracts that are for people in the Roman Catholic religion. They are not “anti-Catholic” tracts, nor are we anti-Catholic people or “Catholic bashers”. Just like Jesus, we love Catholic people but despise the Roman Catholic system as it teaches a false gospel that is leading millions to hell. Below are two of my favorite tracts.

Roman Catholicism: Scripture vs. Tradition
This booklet is very professional and engaging with lots of graphics and charts, timelines etc. It actually is meant for the true believer who wants to reach Catholics for Christ (ie it is not usually given to a Catholic). It has a chart describing the two ways of salvation (biblical vs. Catholic). It includes a timeline for when certain interesting Catholic doctrines were introduced. It compares and contrasts teachings from the Bible with teachings from the official Roman Catholic Catechism. Lots of excellent content in this 16 panel booklet. Highly recommended and also available in Spanish.

Have you ever been deceived?
This gospel tract is designed to be given to someone entrapped in the Roman Catholic system. Compares and contrasts the gospel of grace vs. the gospel of works. Also highlights the difference in authority betwen the true authority of God’s word vs. the illegitimate authority of the Roman Catholic Magesterium.